Our Vision at Red Wagon Brewing

To become the go to hang out place in all east Texas.


About US here at Red Wagon Brewing


Red Wagon Brewing is a Company still in development. We are currently researching our Main line of Beers. (This is the fun part) Our current research process is brewing on the weekend with friends and taking great notes and measurements to be able to repeat any recipe, then have taste test gatherings. We currently have many good brews, but we want to be better than good. We are waiting for the one that is unique. Unique and different in a good way, in an exceptional way. When we have a lineup of 4 to 5 exceptional unique beers we will then move forward with business side. We are currently in the research and development stage. 



Training and Experience


How did you Start brewing, What is your experience? - I met a new friend one day that had been home brewing for quite some time. He had a degree in Biology from Washington State University which is a great help with understanding of Brewing. Also my friend completed the Craft brewer’s Apprenticeship (CBA) and the Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering (IBS&E) From the American Brewers Guild.  Then he began working at the only local craft brewery in town at the time. 

This friend is where a Majority of my brewing knowledge came from. I gained my knowledge thru 3 year mentorship/friendship with him. With brewing 10 gallon batches 1 to 2 times a month splitting the batch into two 5 gallon fermenters and fermenting on our own. It allowed us to research the differences we had based on the different environments for fermentation's we had. This would be of course followed by many taste test ☺  This gave me time to develop my recipe building skill and gain much knowledge on how yeast and water plays a role in the of brewing,

A Life Change then took place - I moved away and for the past 9 years I have been continuing my brewing journey solo. But with using technology as I have a degree in Networking Administration and Networking Security from Heald University. I began finding other sources such as the many forums and articles and books about brewing as my resource with the occasional call to my good friend and mentor about any questions, problems, or just needed brainstorming. I saw my brewing journey as solo after I moved, but realistically I was creating new connections and branching out and beginning to show others and share what was kindly shard with me. This has allowed me to create lasting memories through socialization with great craft beer; which, is now my mission. To grow my circle of craft beer friendships by creating lasting memories. I have been brewing now for a total of 12 years and have gained many lasting friendships and memories that I will never forget, and as they say after that the rest is history – tasty history!!! 





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